Washington Square Park Eco Projects launched in 2014 with the first online map of the park's trees. The mission of the initiative is to monitor biodiversity, to provide environmental education and community science programs, and to advocate for the ecological health of Washington Square Park. Learn more about our work in Washington Square Park here.

An satellite map of Washington Square Park filled with markers for trees and waterways in blue and orange.
Close up of the fruit of the Tulip Tree, an elongated green cone
A blooming Japanese Pagoda Tree in Washington Square Park with a few people sitting on a bench underneath it
A group of people surrounded by green trees looking and pointing up with a decorative scrolling gold frame, the WSP Eco Projects logo, and a banner that reads 2022 Pheno Champions
A group of people gathered looking up at the old English Elm in Washington Square Park
Small hands next to a drawing of the old English Elm in Washington Square Park
Close up of a Swamp White Oak acorn