Local Nature Lab is committed to nurturing a love for nature and promoting biodiversity conservation through education, outreach, and hands-on experiences.

We have been working in the field of nature education and biodiversity monitoring since 2013. Seeded in Washington Square Park, we are branching out throughout the city.

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Illustrated zine cover with a banner that reads "New York City Urban Bird Explorers Guide." In the background is an apartment building surrounded by green trees and grass. Two gray and yellow birds perch at the top and bottom of the banner.

Urban Bird Explorers Guide

A pocket-sized zine guide for birds and trees in NYC neighborhood parks. Click here to learn more!

Black and white zine cover with an illustrated oak tree surrounded by oak leaves and a banner that reads "Quercus"


An educational mobile sculpture & DIY zine based on the Northern Red Oak. Click here to learn more!

A group of children sit in a circle looking at a bird specimen.

Explore Birds

A mobile education program for public spaces and classrooms. Click here to learn more!

Washington Square Eco Projects logo. A red, yellow, black, and white bird perches on the side of a circle that reads "WSP Eco Projects"

Washington Square Park Eco Projects

An initiative to monitor, educate, and advocate for the ecological health of Washington Square Park. Click here to learn more!

Washington Square Park Phenology Project

A initiative to monitor seasonal changes in 13 tree species in Washington Square Park. Click here to learn more!

A child holds a plastic bottle with a piece of thin cardboard attached to the top connected by strings to create bird-like wings

Wing It 

A program highlighting local bird diversity, using arts and science in a hands-on format for children of all ages. Click here to learn more!

Your Bird Story Podcast

A monthly podcast about everyday birders and bird watching in cities. Click here to learn more!

A black and red medallion that reads "Nonprofit New York Member, a relentless collective force for good.